A Mom on Raising A Son: Series

A Mom on Raising A Son: Series

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I had reasons to remember Melinda Finch and her series on raising sons today. It’s mental health awareness month and a couple of easy to find articles are talking about the challenges of being a single mom. But, they aren’t talking about what Melinda focused on. They list the stressors, but they don’t discuss the focus or the joy. Melinda’s joy continues to be her son. You can read that caring in her posts. You can learn from her wisdom by discovering her posts again–the first of which was written in 2012. (!)

Making the Time

Communication & Structure are important concepts in raising children. Melinda identifies the challenges and some timely solutions. She dispels some of the myths parents perpetuate when discussing family and household issues with their children. The goal is to one day successfully launch. That is supported through open communication.

Ughh! There Isn’t Enough Time in the Day!

Communication and Your Son

Ethics & Leadership

Work, education, and leadership offer a sustainable progression. Melinda provides to you her guidance on these. The goal is to ensure that you model sustainable choice behavior and encourage your children to develop into productive adults.

Your Son and the Work Ethic

Your Son and the Importance of Education

Leadership and Your Son

Emotional Health for Relationships

Emotion management is critical for mental health. Melinda offers sound advice on respect for others and self geared toward raising men. Her love and vision for her son is evident in her writing. She seems intent on knowing her role and ensuring that her son makes healthy and sustainable choices in relationships.

Respect for Women: The Whole Truth

Men as Respectable Mates: A Mother’s Role

[Melinda Finch is a 30 something mother from Dyersburg, TN. She recently completed a Master of Science in Social Work degree from Tennessee State University. ]