Politics of Self-Protection

Politics of Self-Protection

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By Michael theMentor Wright

How can two people interact like on a track
without one and the other being changed through that
Divide out the reasons and you will find that
the remainder is calculation to deceive as a fact

It’s an effort to deceive with a purpose to self-protect.
But, if that’s our only purpose, our interaction is pointless.
because we want to point less
less pointing at our chest
forgetting that we’re the reason
community leaders appoint less

It loses its impact, our engagement becomes whack
When you see me on the street, might as well give me a smack
there is no education, no movement, no progress,
no entertainment, no love, without human contact

no empathy, and no peace. And that what’s wrong in the world
You can’t be authentic without being vulnerable.
You can’t inspire me, because you are afraid of my resistance.
We can’t be real because we deny our existence.

It will all stay fake, dying slowly ’til we listen
We can’t be real if we deny our existence.