Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-02-13

Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-02-13

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Sing, and see who joins in to make music. Two things are certain. First, finding your tribe can make the difference between feeling alone and being empowered. Second, you find your tribe by being unapologetically yourself. Not unsustainable arrogance and disregard for others, but vulnerable and authentic.


Clinton said, “…valuable, powerful, and deserving…” And it occurred to me that it’s not a given that you would know that. Clouds have hidden your shine. But, your value is more than glimmer. The weight makes some think that your power is average. Yet, you carry more than you reveal. Being passed over causes you to question what you deserve. Trust me, you deserve nothing but the best. Never doubt.


You have survived all that was put in front of you. You have overcome. Now, you question this next hurdle. Are you enough? Can you do it? Two things. First, judge your ability not by the view of the next hurdle, but by your experience as a winner. Second, this is success: rising or falling from one hurdle/achievement to the next. You can SEE hurdles or achievements. Either way, KNOW that you are enough.


“Nothing is promised,” they say. But, I beg to differ. You are going to cry. You will have to work. It is going to get hard enough that you feel like giving up. But, your tears remind you that you can produce the water that nurtures your garden. Your work can be smarter than the average and wiser with each step. Hard though it may be, it is proof of a solid foundation that you can build upon. And should you endure, you not only achieve. You resolve confident, wiser, and on solid footing you can sustain. I can promise you that.


Allow your inner voice to sing. You may feel hurt when some are out of tune. You may feel unsettled with incompatible resonance. But when you find your tribe, you will be emboldened and fed by the music you create together.