Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-02-06

Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-02-06

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Have friends that intimidate you. They love you and support you. They respond with insight and wisdom to your questions. And, they are at stations in their life and career that you are impressed by.

Often, we settle in with companions that are in the same situation. They are close and they share some current experiences. They too can be supportive, but they don’t always have the leverage to pull you out of the dullness, fear, and over thinking that can slow your progress. This is why you need multiple people who have been where you are and have overcome. They have leverage, also called juice, also called positive energy, also called momentum. They can connect you with resources, pay your way, or simply confirm that there is more good in life than bad.


Today, focus on what is going right. Pay attention to how today differs from other days. Live this moment convinced that the next will only get better. Breathe deeply and feel love fill your lungs. Exhale and let go of regret, anxiety, and stress. Remember that you are enough. You are a champion. You have already made a difference. Now, and everyday, begin with a victory lap!

Stay encouraged. You are moving toward certain greatness. Enjoy the process.


Life is modeled in your breath. It is heavy when under duress. It is quick when working hard. It is deep when thoughts are overwhelming.
But, it is also purposeful to get air in. It is intentional to take oxygen from the air. It is diligent to push the used air out and prepared to start the process all over again. Be mindful of your breathing. It is a model for your life. Purposeful, intentional, diligent, and prepared.


Today is the day to do it. Whatever it is, start now. Better yet continue. Continuing honors the fact that you have been working all your life toward your greatness. Your story has unfolded with trial, maybe some trauma, maybe some betrayal, but also triumph, some joys, and support you never realized. Your story is your gift to the world. Create a happy ending, but until then, make the story an exciting read.


Don’t hold on so tight that you don’t grow. Allowing your best to come forward and watering the seeds you have planted are two rules of successful growth. The third is to find encouragement in the process. While your best and growth develop, it may seem uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Rest assured that you only have to trust the process.