Universal Law Series: The Law of Gender

Universal Law Series: The Law of Gender

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Finding the balance from within our genders

One glance at the universal law of gender and you may be tempted to think only describes a sexual nature. You would be mistaken. The law of gender concerns the balance of the feminine and the masculine that dwells in each of us. For those who think they are all male or female, think again. Physically we are male or female. The law of gender is said to exist in everything. What is most interesting for me to share is how capable of an individual each of us was created to be.


The law of gender expresses its presence in three ways: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think it’s straightforward to see it from the physical view. Most of us were recognized at birth by the physical expression of gender presented by our bodies. Actions, activities, and other physical expressions of self make this sense of obviousness less clear, but birth’s presentation is what matters here.

The mental expression is the fact that we each have a left and right brain. The left brain is where logic, analysis, sequencing, and mathematic thought processes take place. The right brain is where creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, and intuition thought processes take place. The challenge is to have the two exist together in balance. Your physical gender makes no preference or relationship. You have probably heard people say boys are better at math and science while girls are better at art and creativity. This is the result of intentional preference and relating to one side of the brain more than the other.

Spiritually is also a way the law of gender expresses. In spirituality, we can experience heaven and earth. Again, it is all about balance. In our minds, we can escape to a higher place called heaven. There we find beauty, strength, and hope. We can also be here on earth and function in that reality, handling day-to-day issues and living life. The key with this is using the two options to balance each other for your health and well-being in addition to your ability to cope with daily challenges. For example, when life gets to hectic on earth you can seek higher thoughts to get through the tough spots.

Life Example

Life examples are a good way to illustrate the points of the law of gender. I’m a female, and I think of myself as a survivor. I left home at an early age. During that course of time, I did what I had to as I took care of myself. In those times when I had to stand up and take charge, I was acting out of the masculinity within myself. I didn’t know at the time that two forces were working within me. My masculine nature helped me show no restraint when it was time to take care of business. My feminine nature was helpful too. It allowed me to work more holistically, with a broader outlook, and explore new thoughts, ideas, and visions.

Sometimes my best efforts to survive didn’t play out so well. There were times when I should have allowed my masculine nature to come through. My self-esteem took a hit because I allowed myself to be subject to receiving impressions about myself from others who themselves were shallow. I was left questioning my worth. Males have a different way of thinking than females. They focus on the “will,” and they operate in their ego showing no restraint for what they want. The requisite self-reliance and sense of self are natural. These traits ward off the dangers of defining yourself through the impressions of others.

Femaleness, Maleness & Roles

Females are by nature nurturing and accommodating but it does not mean we need to rest there all the time. Single parents switch between genders at times. When a child needs a firmer talk or discipline, the masculine nature steps forward. Then, there are times when the child needs more nurturing. That’s when the feminine nature takes over. Again, this is not in relation to the physical gender. This could even happen within homes where both parents abide.

I think there is something to be gained from the law of gender. If we could learn to live in balance with the genders that are within us we could benefit in key areas of our life. In business, there are certain things our maleness won’t tolerate. For example, negative attitudes from a supervisor or co-worker. Females tend to handle the same situation with a question of their self-worth. They will tolerate it far longer than males.

The truth is, we need both masculinity and femininity to exist together in perfect harmony. It could make for better relationships and better outcomes when applied at the appropriate times. If masculine is left to exist alone, it would cease to understand order and reason. If feminine existed alone, it would linger on reflection too long instead of doing what it takes to change the situation. It would be in a state of stagnation. But, working together success can be found. The fact is we are equipped to survive. We just need to use the forces within us to our advantage.

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