Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-30

Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-30

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On some level, you are always required to go all in. You must count the costs with any decision to be made. You have to determine the long-term consequences and the short-term gains. You must ask yourself the tough questions. Then, you have to commit. Put in the work, and monitor your progress.

You will have to motivate yourself at times. You will have to create your own energy. You will have to shrug of disappointment. But, you are succeeding with purpose in mind and all in commitment to that lifestyle.


Two realities exist in the statement that life is what you make it. First, the time given to each person is less about length. It is more about this single moment. You can choose to love and embrace opportunity or cower and deny truth. Impact is the goal. Sustained impact is grand, but impact even for a short time is golden.

Second, the time you are given can be made magical. In order to turn the magic on, you must train yourself to see good in every moment. Light your path with satisfaction in that you make the choices to color your world. Acknowledge beauty. Escape through music. Breathe in opportunity. Exhale doubt and fear. Then, write and live forever through your words of love and encouragement.


Authenticity! You don’t have to be an open book, but you MUST be in touch with your true feelings. Too many lie to themselves too often. Then, they are taken off guard and tempted to lie when they face a real emotion.

Resist the tendency to lie as a first resort. When faced with intrusive questions that would reveal more than you want, reframe the question. Seek to answer the core question about the questioner rather than revealing yourself. At a higher level, connect more with people that you can open to without downside. Decrease those interactions that result in damage when you share yourself.


Growing up, you get used to making the best out of the situation you’re in. Adulthood has a sometimes cruel twist to your habit. You can choose the people that you allow to influence you. You can limit the detractors, haters, thieves, and vampires. You can schedule more of the beneficial, lovers, supportive, and nurturers. Without fail, making this intentional choice results in your benefit. Without fail, you resolve more satisfied, more confident, and more balanced.


Have it all by realizing that you already have it all. It begins with the inside of you. Your will, your drive, your discipline, and your passion. They are activated by kindness and joy. It extends to the outside of you. Your beauty, your grace, your presence, and your smile. They are a package of great price. And you are more. Your critical thoughts, your intellect, your attraction, and your influence. You set the world direction according to your desired path.