Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-23

Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-23

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The seed of equal or greater value is the core of every loss and seeming setback. The seed of equal or greater benefit is the reason you can let go. Allow the next chapter to unfold without a need to dwell, even cling, to the last chapter. The more comfortable you get with this, the quicker you wrest with struggles. Even more experienced, you coast through trouble. Allowing, you don’t even stress the challenge. You enjoy the life and the process however it develops.

You have immense power over your world. Beyond your beauty, articulation, poise, stature, and intellect, you have energy that is universal. Recognize it. Use it intentionally. Expect amazing, even miraculous results.


You don’t realize that even intellect bows to emotional awareness. You don’t have to be the best and the brightest. You don’t have to have all the gifts and natural abilities. You just have to work that much harder. Out work and you will, through an awareness of self, increase in competence and ability. You learn to work smarter. Your creativity and production focus benefits from your love and integration. Rather than simply doing what is required, you Become what is needed.

You create a life of service and production resulting in a legacy. Your legacy extends beyond your immediate radius of impact and well beyond your lifespan. Hustle and become immortal.


The Challenge is getting started. But, most don’t realize that our resistance to starting stems from a fear that we do not know how to stop. Most of us have a difficulty mapping and balancing work. We fear being out of balance and losing our enjoyment of life.

With the fear identified, you can begin to inform and re-program. Inform yourself about the typical production times and your own best practices. Re-program your resistance and fear into engagement and scheduling. Focus on freedom, competence, and collaboration. Celebrate consistent progress, and get things done.


If you had any doubt about your awesomeness, just check the responses you get. Some are intimidated. Some fall over themselves. Some avoid you. A rare few respect and celebrate you.

The point for you is to realize who you are beyond what people say and do. Your being is the question, your energy, your vibrations. You have a great deal to offer. Your job is to provide that and more as your competence increases.


Be courageous. That means having judgement–the ability to weigh the options, gather information, and determine priorities. Choose wisely and work diligently. You will have to risk, but that risk is never folly. It is a careful calculation.