Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-09

Daily #Meditations by COACHMethod.com: 2017-01-09

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The world may have unexpected occurrences, but you will experience consistent progress. One reason is because you realize what is important. The chance to live, make choices, and grow is a life well lived. The other reason is that you live expecting, even inviting, love, peace, and progress. It shows in how you approach each day, each choice, and each lesson. Be grateful, appreciate beauty, and enjoy each moment as you live your dreams.

You can improve your feelings. They are directly linked to your thoughts. Explore your thoughts daily, and outline a path to joy. That path will always travel through gratitude.

Joy is not about having everything you want, but the realization that you are moving toward your complete success. It starts with seeing beauty in your mirror. It continues as you feel your potential in your stretch. It is evident as you walk purposefully through your day. Think, even rehearse your beauty, potential, and purpose and your feelings will propel you to greatness.

Two things make the difference between a life of sustainable choices and a life of despair. First is the realization of your personal power to order you life and take responsibility for your choices. Second is to know that someone sincerely believes in your potential, your giftedness, and your ability to overcome obstacles. The first describes what only you alone can do for yourself. The second describes how you allow another’s energy to encourage the first.

Today, realize your immense and absolute power to choose perspective, knowledge, direction, and actions. Rely and take heart from my belief in your promise, resilience, capacity, and authenticity. You are consistently moving. You are reflecting on your progress. You are exploring possibilities. Therefore, you are succeeding. Add some satisfaction born in gratitude knowing that you have exercised your power of choice.

The truth you must aspire to is that you have already succeeded. Your smile, your choice to get out of bed, your desire for something greater set you apart. Your first job is just to be. Next, are the opportunities to build the scaffolding and instructions for others to follow.

“Being” accomplishes at least 3 things. One, you demonstrate the authenticity and standing as a person. People see that you show up and are immediately comforted in their decision to show up. Two, you signal that anything is possible. Your unique gifts and talents offer something new to the team and the world. Three, you engage what is unseen. The energy you vibrate connects to others, and you influence each room you enter. Never underestimate your power.

You are powerful, motivated, and progressing. Any inkling that this is not true is the beginning of your mindset change. If you are to be anything in life, it will start with the belief that you are worthy. Fear, trepidation, and hesitation is a questioning of your worth. Understanding your worth, activates belief and results in your predictable achievement.

Adopt that mindset in just that process. Step one: Believe. Step two: activate belief through accepting your worth. Step three: Expect the best. Always.