Universal Law Series: The Law of Cause and Effect

Universal Law Series: The Law of Cause and Effect

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Your Life in Action

The universal law of cause and effect is experienced by all. Each day we make choices, which is the cause. After choices, come outcomes, which is the effect. If you could grasp that nothing happens magically, it will help you understand this law quite well. Everything happens for a reason. We have control of that reason more than we are willing to acknowledge.

I like this law because you can apply it to most areas of your life. I often talk about ways to achieve success in life. The law of cause and effect encourages and promotes the advice I give others. It involves the individuals’ perception of the control they have over their outcomes. Keep reading to find out how you can influence your outcomes by learning about the universal law of cause and effect.


Being aware of how you think, and how that plays out in behavior is a good place to start. This information can be used to guide you in decision making. For example, if you hate being caught in early morning heavy traffic. This causes you to be grouchy every morning when you get to work because people irritate you with what seems to be careless driving skills. When you are, aware this is an irritation to you, there are changes you can make for a better outcome. For one thing, you could leave earlier in the morning so you beat the rush, therefore have a better morning. The effect of self-awareness is honesty. Pretending something is okay if it’s not is useless. You employ certain tactics because you know yourself. The point is that you can control your own outcomes. Why not have outcomes that you find favorable?

Cause and Effect in Action

Here, I want to give you a few examples of how the universal law of cause and effect happens in our life. There are so many examples to use, but I will select areas you might most relate with. Health, money, and relationships come to mind. In health, you live a sedentary lifestyle for years. You refuse to exercise or eat healthy. On top of that, you smoke. Later you have a health scare, a heart attack! The cause is your choice to not exercise, not eat healthy, and you decided to smoke. The effect is the heart attack. It was inevitable.
Next, you love to go shopping with the girls at the end of every month. But, lately you have been spending more money than usual. You can’t even pay the water bill that month. You are stressed and feel like everything is coming down on you. You can’t go shopping and you can’t pay the water bill. The water is shut off. The cause, you spent too much money earlier in the month. The effect, you can’t go shopping and your water is shut off.
Last, you are in a relationship with someone you love and want to stay with. This person has said he needs a stronger commitment. You decide you are not ready for that kind of commitment, so you spend less time with him. The two of you drift apart, and he finds someone else. You are upset about the relationship ending. The cause is that you spent less time on the relationship. The effect is that the relationship ended.

Proclaim your destiny!

Sometimes we shy away from making claims that are not yet manifested. But, I want to encourage you to say it out loud and move in the direction that gets you closer to your goal. I’m talking about doing more than positive talk. I’m challenging you to prophecy to yourself. This is the next level of cause and effect. It’s more than just proclaiming something wonderful for yourself, it involves taking steps in the direction of what you want.
This may sound like it’s jumping ahead. You may argue that you have things to learn first or you are not ready related to feelings of inadequacy. Those feelings are normal. The solution is to spend time learning and building confidence. The focus of your energy is on making choices that affect the outcome you desire.


I hope I have given you something that makes a difference in the way you think about the universal law of cause and effect. Perhaps I have introduced something new to you. Whatever it may be, I want you to prosper. Life is full of challenges, but with knowledge they are but steps towards your goals.

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