Universal Law Series: The Law of Rhythm

Universal Law Series: The Law of Rhythm

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Flow of Life

I absolutely love the universal law of rhythm! We often hear people say concerning events in life to just go with the flow. They are speaking of the universal law of rhythm whether they know it or not. Understanding this law means you understand how every part of your world and the world around you flow from one state into another. But, I feel the most important part to grasp is to know how to apply this rhythmic flow to make your life more meaningful.

Life rhythms

Life doesn’t just happen, it happens in a rhythm. Let’s look at nature. It flows from one season to another. There is no guessing game to it, after Fall comes Winter. It never asks for permission, it just flows. Nature is not the only place this rhythm is noticed, it also happens in our bodies with stages of development and cycles of growth. We all start as a baby and grow into adults. Imagine a pendulum swinging. It doesn’t just go to the left and stay there. It also goes to the right. The examples are all around us. Study the flow of the economy. Some years we experience a surplus in goods, finances or jobs. Another year we experience a deficit in the same areas. Life flows in and out in so many ways. It’s not good or bad, it’s just what happens.

Losing control?

A panic attack is experienced when a loss of control is felt. Have you ever freaked out or known someone to freak out over the rhythm of life? The situation could be getting sick or experiencing a shift in their finances. I’m not saying their feelings aren’t real. But, to respond with panic means something went unnoticed. When you experience health, there will be a time when you will experience illness too. This doesn’t mean you will become deathly ill, but it means you will feel under the weather even if it’s a slight headache or a little sniffle.

When you experience the highs and lows of life, it is not the time to panic, but to acknowledge the universal law of rhythm. The assurance you have is the event will cycle through to the next. As much as we hate to experience the death of a loved one or good friend, we also get to experience birth and new life. I know the temptation to panic is there, but if you can focus on the flow of the rhythm you can always look forward to the next rhythm with anticipation.

Gaining control

Creating balance in a world that has constant rhythm is your key to success. I know this sounds simple, but it’s not. It takes discipline and finding a method that works for you. I use nature, meditation, and music as a few ways to focus my inner self. It’s important to discover what works for you. This could mean trying a few different things. Evening out the good, bad, and common shifts takes practice. There is a level of acceptance you must face. The law of rhythm is mutable; therefore, we can influence outcomes to a certain degree.

If getting sick is troubling to you, plan a healthy lifestyle that includes immune boosting foods. That way when you do get sick, it’s not fatal. If you don’t like being totally broke at a certain time of the month or year, manage your money where you put something away and have money for that time. Otherwise if you are a person who is prone to panic when life moves from thing to the next you could cause more harm than you think to yourself. When panic attacks go unresolved they set the stage for ongoing fears and discomforts. Gaining control through a rhythm of allowance and responsiveness to the universe is the best option along with balance.

Conclusion: Rhythm, Cycle, Rebound

Life happens to all of us. That means we can experience it to the fullest. As you experience the rhythm of life, I want to encourage you observe it more closely. Check to see if you are balanced in your outlook. Do your checks on how well you handle the highs and the lows. Remember you have options. You can adjust to find balance. Never feel you are stuck, you are the captain of your own destiny!

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