Universal Law Series: The Law of Polarity

Universal Law Series: The Law of Polarity

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It really is true when someone says “look at the bright side” that there is a bright side. The law of polarity states that for everything that exists, there is an opposite and it is equal. In the previous blogs on the universal laws I stated that the law of mentalism, correspondence, and vibration were all immutable, meaning we can’t change them. The law of polarity is mutable. This means it can be changed. We can also manage it to benefit our reality.

Polarity’s Existence
Have you ever heard there are two sides to every story? If you have, you have witnessed something about polarity. Polarity is all around us. It’s in our emotions and in our physical world. If we jump up, we must come down. Other examples include hot and cold, love and hate, or wet and dry. Polarity is about opposites. If you experience a happy day, there is an extreme to that in a different direction, which is a sad day. We can’t do anything about the existence of the extreme opposites, they will continue to exist. The part that we can control is how we think about things when creating the reality we want.

hrehaethI’ve said it before, your thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts are what lead you in certain directions. You must make a conscious effort to focus your thoughts on the things you want. You don’t have to experience the bad just because it’s the opposite of good. Even when things may appear to be bad, your thoughts can still be focused on the good.

The Challenge
The challenge in life is achieving the position where you are happy, loved unconditional, appreciated, and famous. To each of these conditions there is the opposite of sad, unloved, unappreciated and unknown. Different times in our lives occur when we have experienced the desires we want. We have felt loved for example. The challenge exists because it is not constant.

The best place to start is with self when attempting to figure it all out. I know the temptation is there to find someone to blame for what you may feel you are lacking in your life. But, look first at yourself. If you have ever felt happiness, then you know what it feels like to be sad. It’s the same for love. If you have ever been unloved then you can appreciate love when you get it. When creating the reality you want, remember you are a participant. You must give what you desire. Remember the law of attraction. The energy you give off is the energy you attract. There are times where you may feel you have done it all, and the outcome is not favorable. Those are the times you want to use your mind powers. The alternative is self-pity or depression. With polarity, you can focus on the good no matter how down you feel. Allow the goodness of all that you have experienced to outweigh any ill feeling that may present itself.

Beyond Polarity
The goal with the law of polarity is to transcend. You must go beyond what is normal. Settling for both extremes doesn’t mean you are making peace. You’ve probably have heard the saying “You have to take the good with the bad.” Believing that sets you up for just that! It’s said that the law of polarity only exists in the physical and mental realms. In the spiritual it doesn’t exist. In the spiritual the focus is on the good and only that. It doesn’t matter how things appear. If you can transcend, you will always win. I know to acquire this level of thinking takes practice. Below I have listed some tips to help you reach your goals.

7 Tips to focus on daily:

      1. Start each day with meditation. Focus on the good that you have and be grateful for the good you will receive.
      2. Beware of distractions that create negativity in your life. Ask yourself does it cause harm to others or myself? Does it make me a better person?
      3. Practice giving what you want. If you want love, then give love. Sometimes you will not receive it returned from where you gave it. Don’t lose focus on that. Your giving is the practice.
      4. Only accept success as the option. Celebrate all successes big and small with an attitude of gratefulness.
      5. Intervene right away when negative thoughts, sadness, anxiety or depression creeps up. Keep a positive thought handy for defense.
      6. Be aware of how you interact with family, co-workers, and others. Be the example of good, not the one who focuses on the gloom. The more people you influence to think positive, the better for you.
      7. Look back at what you have done as an accomplishment. This will encourage your future endeavors.

Your life is what you make of it. Through self-awareness and knowing what you want, you can change your world. The law of polarity gives us something to consider between two extremes of the same thing. The good news is that we can always choose good. I hope you found something in this blog helpful for building your life to the reality you desire. Until the next time, I wish you much success!

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