Universal Law Series: Law of Vibration

Universal Law Series: Law of Vibration

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Simply stated, the Law of Vibration suggests that everything is in constant motion. Even if you can’t see all the subatomic atoms moving about. We are in motion too. Our emotions play a role in what we receive in this universe. If we give strong emotions to something we don’t want, we are in fact making that our reality. Instead, we need to give our strong emotions to the things we want like healing, wealth, or love. What we believe is going to win every time. It doesn’t matter how much you desire something. If you have programmed yourself to believe something, it wins! Don’t worry, there is hope for us. Read on to discover how the law of vibration works in our daily lives, and how we can re-program our way of thinking to benefit from it.

istock_000023846005_largeOpen Your Mind
The first step to benefiting from the Law of Vibration is to have an open mind. If I told you that the coffee table in your living room was not solid. You would probably look at me strange. Through the naked eye we accept a lot as truth. We are satisfied with believing what we can see. When you open your mind, you see all the possibilities. At the molecular level, your coffee table and other things you take for granted are not solid. Thinking through multiple levels of reality and awareness can offer different possibilities beyond the ones based on our common knowledge or immediate awareness. In this same way, an open mind requires a multi-level, multi-systems evaluation of your options. Your decisions with an open mind are not based only on what you see.

Learn more. Take the time learn more. New knowledge enlightens. It allows you to look at situations and life a different way. Some may call it being optimistic. The Law of Vibration is in everything we touch including us. Your body is formed from trillions of cells. Those cells are in motion all the time. You literally are energy in motion.

You remain you, just better informed. Don’t lose heart, you are not losing yourself because you’ve made new discoveries. Some are resistant and refuse to change the way they see things. If this is the case, your options decrease, and your mind is not being used to its full capacity.

vibrationsRe-program Your Beliefs
Have you ever thought about where you get your beliefs? I have. As I got older, I had to re-think a lot of them. I think reassessing what we have been taught as truth is an exercise we all should challenge ourselves to do. I’m not asking anyone to do the blame game, but I am asking you to be aware of where things come from.
After you have assessed your beliefs, how it working for you? Once again, this is the process to getting to your success. Think about the outcomes you experience. Are you where you want to be in life? There is a connection between your goal and what you have entertained as a belief. What you believe should present you with the context, mechanisms, and outcomes you want!

Re-program for better outcomes. Just because you have to re-program what you believed to be true doesn’t mean all is lost. It’s quite the opposite. Everything will be gained. Life is like that. We live, and we learn. You are given the opportunity, everyday whether you take it or not, to figure out what works for you. We can’t change the fact that there is energy. The law of vibration is immutable. But, we can engage with that energy in a way that benefits our lives. Believe me when I say it’s not as easy as it may sound to undo what you have been programmed with for so long. The roots of your programming can connect to relationships making it even harder to learn new approaches. I can tell you that it can be done. It takes focus, motivation, and a will to succeed.

Your Energy is Real
Self-awareness. If you can figure out “you,” then you can understand the energy you give off. Have you ever purposely avoided someone because you didn’t want to get caught up in their energy? That’s the awareness I’m talking about. For your own benefit, even when no one else is around, you must be aware of our vibrations, their impact on your progress, and any barriers promoted by the energy you emit.

photo-frequency-and-vibrationsTo know what you want is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. It’s another one of those steps in the process to getting your success. A lot us when asked the question would immediately respond with something like happiness, love, or wealth. But, I want to challenge you to answer more thoughtfully. Maybe even take a few days. What you want is going to give your life direction and guide your energy.

I’ve said it before in different situations. You must live like you already have what you want. Children do it so well. They want a friend, so they create an imaginary friend. That’s how real you have to get with this. This is more than prayer and asking for something. It is being thankful for already having it! Live each day saying “thank you” instead of “I hope and wish.” The energy of gratitude will give you something to be thankful about. Please don’t fool yourself. The outcomes tell the story. You have to be for real, no doubting on the inside while saying all the right things on the outside.

I Love it! It truly is all mental! Everything begins with a thought. The Law of Vibration introduces us to a world full of energy, in motion at all times. It’s up to us to determine how we will engage with that energy to benefit our lives. I’ve given some pieces to consider, but only you can make the change. Until the next time, live well!

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