Universal Law Series: The Law of Correspondence

Universal Law Series: The Law of Correspondence

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The Law of Correspondence simply deals with how you correspond with yourself. Funny right? Think about it like this. Who we are on the inside matches who we are on the outside. I know there are some who think they are fooling others with having two different profiles, but according to the law of correspondence all is revealed and your true self comes out in behavior and other telltale ways. This law is also immutable. You can’t change it, but you can change who you are on the inside and reveal the You, you want people to see.

as-above-so-belowA Look in the Mirror
What do you see when you look in the mirror? What’s on the inside is what is reflected in your everyday life. Some will argue that they are showing their real self every time. I do believe some have enough self-awareness to do so. The problem exists when we seek success, and it doesn’t seem to happen. We then have to not only look at the big picture and what went wrong, but we also have to look at the intricate picture that most of the time only we can view because we haven’t shared it.

Keep the law of attraction in mind, where “like attracts like,” as I discuss the law of correspondence. Ponder this example, a woman wants to meet and marry a man who is everything she has dreamed of. He needs to be smart, compassionate, offer security and etc., you get my point. This woman complains, “All the men that I get into a relationship with don’t turn out to be the man of my dreams.”

In the woman’s eyes she is attractive and ambitious. So why can’t she find the right man. The Law of Correspondence says you are getting what you reflect. It’s interesting how all this connects for our success. Think honestly about how you adorn yourself, how you talk, where you go to meet people, and how you engage. Messages about you are in all of that. Simply, if on the inside you feel insecure, fearful, or broken, it comes through on the outside. You can’t hide!

Who’s to Blame?
When you think about the good and bad in your life, who do you blame? Most of us probably agree that it’s easy to take credit for the good that happens. But, it’s harder to put yourself in the blame seat, especially when others have played a part of any of your past trauma. To see the picture clear of what went wrong means taking a deep hard look at yourself. Then, when you figure out where your responsibility lies, Own it! The revelation is to do better when you know better.

There was a time in my own life where I blamed my mishaps on a past that clearly had a contribution to some negative outcomes I experienced. As I gained a better understanding of how to gain success with what I wanted, I focused more on being that success instead of searching for someone to blame. The nugget of wisdom here is this: What people do to you does not define you nor do things that are out of your control. You have the opportunity to manage your life the way you see fit.

deeprootsThe Application for Success
When you fix the inside, the outside looks a lot better. Don’t get discouraged that you are not this totally changed person overnight. But, at the same time don’t put off the necessary changes. After all, you want to live each day experiencing all the good you can. Daily practice is a must. First thing in the morning, you must remind yourself who you are. Be specific, and say it out loud until resonates in your inner being. Even throughout the day, it’s okay to boost yourself with some positive talk. When you practice this you will find the energy you put out is returned to you.

Now that I have given you a look into how to gain success through the Law of Correspondence, what do you think? We all face the challenge of sorting through bits of our lives seeing what needs to stay and what needs to be thrown out. It’s a continual process that keeps us entertaining an energy that will enhance and not one that hinders our success. Till the next time, focus on who you are!

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