Universal Law Series: The Law of Mentalism

Universal Law Series: The Law of Mentalism

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I’ve said it before and I believe it today. It’s all MENTAL! Everything we do starts with a thought. Think for a moment about where you are today. You didn’t just get where you are by the wave of a wand. Your mind was the origin point of your path. I want to introduce you to a series of blogs that discuss seven universal laws of life. You may already know about them. In fact, I am certain that you have heard them before. What I find is that many of us are not accessing and consistently implementing the perspective, possibilities, and power of universal law in our daily lives. The indicator is growth to a higher level of existence. Small things remain small. Failures become learned lessons. Opportunities become successes. Access and implementation of universal laws are beneficial to OUR success.

Law of Mentalism
The Law mentalism is very interesting. I like it because it speaks of your “Mind Powers.” It is said to be immutable, which means it is unable to be changed. The Law of mentalism focuses on the mind. It says,

whatever you perceive something to be, that’s what it is.

big-bang-mindFrom the very beginning the mind has been engaged in decision making. Though all people don’t share the same beliefs, thought and decision making are common to the process of belief. Christians believe God thought about what he wanted to create in earth and called it into existence. Christian Scientists believe that disease is a mental disorder rather than a physical disorder. Evolutionists believe in a cosmological model of chance and natural selection. The list goes on, but common to each belief is choice and decision making.

What do you Want?
When I talk to people about mental health one of the questions I ask them is, “What do you want?” I start with that question because it is the origin point. If you know what you want, my task is to map your how through a heightened awareness and utilization of your mental abilities. If you have no idea what you what, your life can be quite chaotic. You may experience some trial and errors trying to get to a comfortable spot. My task is to create the space for you to realize and confirm your purpose. You will have what you think. It is important to intentionally arrive at that reality.

One of the most elementary ways to explain it is as follows. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen. If you think negative thoughts, negative things will happen. But, a finer tuned explanation exists for this perception, potential, and power. The explanation involves faith and adoption of promise. It involves knowing and believing you are going to have what you want. There is no room for doubt in the equation. Doubt, in the slightest, will offset your perception, limit your potential, and shut down your power.

mentalismPositive Thinking
I promote positive thinking and positive talk at all times. It takes a great deal of practice. It keeps you focused and upbeat. But, positive thinking and talk are not enough. Positive behaviors are required as well. Positive behaviors are those behaviors that get you closer to what you want. Your positive talk and your positive behavior should match at all times. This is important in light of having the life you want.

For example, if I say I want to own my own home. Each day I have good thoughts, and I believe it will happen. But, if my behaviors show that I don’t know how to save money, and I max out all my credit cards on things I really don’t need, I will not realize my goal. The essential two things you need to own a home is money and credit. You see, an unbroken relationship exists between thoughts and behavior and your success.

Now that you know your thoughts are powerful enough to change your world, how will you think? At the beginning of this blog, I wrote about something that is beneficial to OUR success. Consider that the access and implementation of universal laws is best within community. I’m talking about community. When we as a community agree on success and our behaviors match what we believe, we can get a lot done. We can have the community we want. Just remember, “It’s all Mental!”

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