Living for Heaven Or Accepting the Power of Transformational Faith

Living for Heaven Or Accepting the Power of Transformational Faith

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By @STaunyas #Sunday #Shine #Faith

The Dream

Heaven. That distant place high beyond the reach. The place where sorrow and pain is no more. Its city is built of gold. The decor of elaborate jewels such as jasper, sapphire, topaz and nine others are its foundation. Pretty pearls, one for each of the twelve gates. The streets are made of pure gold. Everyone will love one another. Hate will be dismissed forever. Love, peace, and happiness will be ours forever and ever. There will be no temple because there will be no need. The Lord and his son will be among us, and they are the temple.

Cloud-HeavenThe Deception

You have been preached to and warned about how you should live your life and the expectations to earn the right to be in such a place as Heaven. I know from teachings I heard growing up in the church that only the righteous will see God, and God is in heaven. Heaven was prepared for those whose name is written in the book of life.  Where I went to church as a young girl, you had to tarry for the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost would help you live a life that would be pleasing to God.

Today, pastors and teachers are basically saying the same thing.  They are teaching the Ten Commandments.  They are telling you there is work to do before we can accept our respite in heaven.  Some are saying you must go through trials that test your faith to see if you got what it takes to get to Heaven.  I wish I could tell you all that I have seen and heard about earning heaven, about how people live the perfect Christian life in their eyes, and still come up short for the prize.

The Realization

Could we have misunderstood to think that Heaven was something to be earned or worked for? Were we sent on a wild goose chase for something we could never obtain the way we were taught to obtain it?  A gift is not earned, a gift is accepted.

It seems to me in the time that I have lived, that man and woman are always about trying to work to earn something.  Humans are all about tasks.  Tasks and doing can’t be how it works because too many people are still lacking of things they want and need, in spite of their labor. I know it’s scary to even entertain the thought that we have been led astray by our own understanding.  To gain wisdom you must first examine yourself. Then, look around you with your eyes and mind wide open, and tell me what you see.

If you think about it, we had Heaven on earth.  According to the Bible book of Genesis, God gave Adam and Eve everything they needed in the Garden of Eden.  He also gave them dominion over what he created.  They separated themselves from what God gave them when they were presented with a choice to go against His instructions.  At that point, things changed for us.

Afrodisiac.001-1014x487Power Today

We can have the peace that heaven offers today.  No longer do we have to wait and hope as we been taught.  We just have to accept.  Having heaven today means accepting what was already laid out for you.  Taking ownership of your position is another way to say it.  No tasks to complete, just accept who you are and what that means.  As Christians we are taught true life begins when we get to heaven.  This earth is not our home.  We are told that life is hard, and there will be some trials and tests.  We are taught that, if we hold on and don’t give up, God will intervene and fight our battles.  I want to tell you, there is no battle.  Every day we have the opportunity to dictate how our life will go through the choices we make.  The only so-called battle is what we would create ourselves.  The earth may not be your home, but in your being you were created to have peace, happiness, and heaven.

God is with us, in our hearts and minds. The conditions on earth were contaminated with so much sin that he could no longer live among us. He provided a way for us to still commune with him, if we accept it.

For those who understand this, know that all that we need and want is in us.  We have the ability by who we are to call into existence what we need.  We are set apart from the sin of the world by our acceptance of our birthright.  We are a target for greatness.  Living a life only half-way accepting your birthright results in lack.  You work, but you don’t get paid the reward.  You might think you are different because you participate in rituals that are said to be associated with being a Christian.  The power I speak of is life changing. You are transformed totally.  There is no trying to be righteous, or trying to do what is right.  You have no desire to do wrong.

The Task

Your task is to accept the power you have been given.  Allow yourself to be separated from the masses.  Living a life full of power requires you to learn about that power and operate in that power.  Wisdom will teach you, but you must listen.  You will no longer live to work for Heaven. Heaven is your everyday existence.

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