Health Facts #14

Health Facts #14

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2015-07-30 16.01.15

100 Health facts and tips (#14 of 100)

#14. Your fruit juice may be more something other than fruit juice.

How much fruit juice do you drink in your household? Are you drinking 100% or 10% fruit juice? Don’t be fooled pulling something off the shelf at the grocery store in a rush thinking it is something that it’s not. At a glance you read “from concentrate” or “100% Vitamin C.” Those are good things right? Sure they are but, you must read more.

Read labels closely so that you don’t mistake what the 100% applies to.

If you are intentionally purchasing juice for the real juice content, please read your labels. When a drink states it has 10% of fruit juice, it means the other 90% is something else. That something else is usually water, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. If you are trying to monitor your sugar intake, BEWARE.

2015-07-30 16.00.55The bottom line is this. If you want fruit juice that is 100%, it does exist. There is also the bonus of no added sugar. Not only is this the healthier choice it is the smarter choice. If you find yourself drinking a fruit drink that has only 10% juice, don’t panic! Just don’t make it your norm. Set a limit of one per day. It’s good practice to not make fruit juice your main drink of the day, even if it’s a 100%. Water should be the number one drink.

Keep in mind, too much sugar is not a sustainable health choice. You place yourself at risk for health issues like diabetes, unwanted weight gain, and more. Read your labels and know what you’re drinking.

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