Health Facts #13

Health Facts #13

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100 Health facts and tips (#13 of 100)

#13. A multivitamin is 4 of 4 things you should have for breakfast every day.

Taken daily helps you get the recommended daily allowance of nutrients. Consistent nutrient intake is important to your body’s metabolic functions. Metabolic functions include healing and regeneration, energy production, nutrient conversion, waste elimination, and more. Nutrients activate enzymes essential to cellular function.

I am sometimes surprised by people who refuse to take vitamins, even a once-per-day multivitamin. They argue that the pills are too big, or the daily requirement is burdensome. I often quip,

Take a multivitamin today and avoid taking medication tomorrow!

85650566A multivitamin, once you get past the size, is a convenient way to boost your nutrition. Many providers now offer slightly different formulations targeting a specific market. These are useful because the formulations typically include more of what that segment of the market needs. For example, a “Men’s Vitamin” may include lycopene for prostate health. A “Women’s Vitamin” may include more calcium for bone strength. A “Mother’s Vitamin” may include more folate for reproductive health.

B-vitamin supplements may be good for daily energy boosts. My husband takes a multivitamin and a B-complex, which includes many B varieties. He is convinced that his energy level is improved when consistent with the supplement.

I have experimented with Biotin for hair. Chlorella is a total body health support. In my child-bearing years, I maintained a pre-natal vitamin. Fenugreek and Wild Yam are good for regulating feminine health as they age.

You would do well to consider at least a multivitamin each morning or night. I take mine at night with an eye on healing. My husband takes his in the morning with an eye on boosting energy throughout the day. Remember, supplements are just that–additional supports for nutrition. They do not replace a good bowl of oatmeal in the morning. But, they can ensure that your body is best utilizing the breakfast you eat.

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