The “Done” List

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The COACH Method calls for the keeping of a number of lists. These lists are designed to keep you organized. They stave off the feeling of overwhelm that threatens highly productive individuals. They are also a key to maintaining motivation for you—

face it; only you can motivate you over the long-term.

Perhaps the most innovative of the lists is the “Done” list. It is based on behavioral science, which suggests that the motivation to achieve more is rooted in the success of prior achievement. In the COACH Method, we call these “small successes.” Even a small something done is encouragement to you that greater things are possible. The beauty is, greater things are made up of small somethings. Just get another small something done, and your momentum builds. As your momentum builds, your confidence, you sense of achievement, and your actual productivity builds. Try it yourself and see what success does to your “To-Do” list.


The DONE List, side-by-side with the ToDO List.

How to Format The “Done” List

Producing this list is simple. It is best listed right next to your “ToDo List.” You can even write them on the same sheet of paper. The “Done” list provides a number of benefits in addition to the motivation noted above.

First, it allows you to see what you are “actually” doing. This may help you to write better ToDo lists in the future.

Second, it subtly reminds you of the important things like breaks, lunch, stretches, and playtime that are a necessary part of a productive lifestyle. You should give yourself credit for those activities.

Third, it forces you to recognize the value you put into each day. You may not get every large project finished each day, but you put a great deal of work and activity into each day. That MUST be celebrated. The celebration of today’s work will support tomorrow’s success.

[Michael A. Wright is mentor, life coach, entrepreneur, curriculum specialist, and Owner/President of MAWMedia Group. His interests span behavioral health, family systems, and wealth creation. Follow @MAWMedia ]