Checklist for Moving Forward! [Blog Series Introduction]

Checklist for Moving Forward! [Blog Series Introduction]

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A certain MAWMedia Group principal suggested that I pen a blog series on the topic of personal progress.  The first title that came to mind was “You better ch

eck yourself, before you w

reck yourself”.  Mind you the message is just that, but I decided to give it a more conservative, descriptive title.

Sometimes, I feel that I have to introduce people (even grown-ups!) to their world, our world.  We all live here but some need a special orientation to how things work.  Do not feel bad about ignorance or confusion about the mysteries of the everyday. Maybe those lessons were not primary as you grew up. As a result, they were not revealed to you.

IMG_0154Through my project, “Mother-Daughter,” I am communicating a checklist that will benefit girls 12-24 years of age. Lessons include a few common sense measures as well as insight into questions of why and their sometimes hidden answers.  The goal is to support consistent success by informing expectations. If you know what to expect, you are more likely to accomplish your goals and less likely to make costly mistakes.

It occurred to me that the general checklist could apply to males as well as females. Hence, the “Checklist for Moving FORWARD!” blog series commences.

This series will consist of seven different topics posted weekly over the next several weeks:

  1. Living in Community
  2. Be Responsible For Yourself
  3. Have Goals
  4. Develop Yourself
  5. Maintain Your Motivation
  6. Live Within Your Means
  7. Treat Your Anxiety

Each of these topics was chosen carefully to take you, the reader, through the fundamental concerns of consistent success.  It has been my experience from interacting with a variety of people that some things that I would consider common sense are not a reality for everyone.  Success is something most of us want, but few seem to know the daily habits that make it real.  It is difficult to build a house if you only have a view of the outside. This series will take you inside and expose what may not be known to some just because of their reality. It will also suggest ways you can enjoy some small successes while on your way to experiencing the big ones.

[The original February 4, 2013 version of this article was update March 29, 2013 with links to the completed blog posts.]

[Taunya is a registered nurse, an author, and a mother to three children. This post is an excerpt from a non-fiction text Taunya is working on periodically entitled From Me to You: A Mother’s Legacy to Her Daughters. Find her author page at]