Habits of the “Smart”

Habits of the “Smart”

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[Michael A. Wright is mentor, life coach, entrepreneur, curriculum specialist, and Owner/President of MAWMedia Group. His interests span behavioral health, family systems, and wealth creation. Follow @MAWMedia ]

You are smarter than you think.

Thus, the real challenge is to change your thinking while you continue habits that feed your competence.  Following is a quick list of habits that demonstrate your SMARTS every day.

1. Write in a Journal.journal

Your thoughts are so important and MUST be respected. Rather than random scraps of paper, maintain a journal. Keep it with you all the time. Write down thoughts. Draw out visions. Map out directions. Outline ideas.

2. Reflect on What You Write.

A key component of SMARTS is the ability to move your thoughts forward from conception, through development, toward expression, packaging, and dissemination. Take time to reflect on the thoughts you have written in your journal. Develop those thoughts by asking A) WHAT is the thought? B) SO WHAT does the thought mean to me an my development of expertise? and, C) NOW WHAT is the state of the thought, idea, project, or product.

3. Ask Questions & Seek Information

Being smart is not about knowing everything. SMARTS mean that you seek, receive, engage, evaluate, and share information.

4. Gain Understanding with the intention to Teach Others

SMARTS includes the realization that the goal of education is to increase competence in the development of expertise.