Plans Not Wishes

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Many people have wishes for the future, but success is not a matter of wishing.

Effective goal setting is more than wish. It is systematic planning that outlines meaningful activity. You are more likely to achieve if you have your future written down so that you are able to reflect on it each day. You cannot control everything, but movement toward success begins with knowing and being clear about what you want. If you do not have your plan written, posted and carried with you at all times, I suggest starting over with a complete restructuring of your concept of success.

Consider the following questions:
• Vision: What do I envision for myself?
• Goals: What do I need to learn (expertise) to achieve my vision?
• Actions: What calculated risks will I take in order to reach my goals?
• Deadlines: What timelines have I set for my progression?
• Deliverables: What will I produce to evidence my progress over time?

Your challenge is to outline the answers to the above questions in a way that informs your choices daily.

[This blog post is excerpted from the forthcoming book COACH Me: Gameplanning Your Success. The full text is scheduled for release Fall 2012 by]