Health Facts & Tips #3

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[Taunya is nurse, author, and director of MAWMedia Group’s Health Literacy efforts. Find her author page at]

100 Health facts and tips (#3 of 100)

#3 Feeling down or worried? Get a dose of sun.

Not only is the sun fun to play in, it also has some pretty amazing healing benefits. The sun’s powerful ultra violet rays, taken in moderation, can provide treatment for an array of health ailments such as skin diseases, immune system deficiencies, circulation problems, unbalanced hormones. The sun will also help your body with the production melatonin which in turn will help you sleep better at night.

Have you had your dose of sun today?

The sun can also give you a sense of well-being. With its natural antiseptic abilities the sun can kill viruses and bacteria. Most have heard about getting vitamin D from sun exposure. This is the best way to get your dose of vitamin D.

How much time in the sunlight is beneficial? Most resources support up to 15 minutes of unprotected skin a few times per week. The darker your skin the more time you may need.

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