Health Facts & Tips #2

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[Taunya is nurse, author, and director of MAWMedia Group’s Health Literacy efforts. Find her author page at]

100 Health facts and tips (#2 of 100)

#2 The air outside may be better than the air inside.

Did you ever think just being inside most of the time could possibly pose a health risk? Some may even think that they are safer inside. Research has shown that the air you breathe inside is not as fresh as you may think. Twenty million particles are common in 10 cubic feet of room air. Compare that to city air that has 1 million particles in 10 cubic feet and seaside air that has 100 particles in 10 cubic feet.

The majority of us do not know what is in the air we breathe inside a building or even in our homes. What is known is that polluted air is related with certain health issues like cancers, neurological challenges, and developmental problems.

The solution toward your air breathing well-being? Spend more time in the fresh outdoors. If that is not always an option, open your windows and let the fresh air in.

[For more information on indoor air quality, view the site, keyword Air and IAQ]