An Open Letter to Heroes

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And again you hesitate. Rather than the honest repeat of the miracle you performed only days before, you question whether you can today. It is neither the productive study of your ability nor the rehearsal toward perfecting your gift. It is hesitance born in fear that you will fall flat and make fools of us all.

The past prior to the revelation of your heroism clouds your confidence. Your critics have a home in your head. You have not realized that the absence of a thing does not disprove a thing. Just because you do not know anyone who can, does not mean that no one can. Truth be told, you can.

When you allow the judgment of others to lock away your giftedness, you are accessory to theft of our joy and our success.

You become the warden, denying our freedom, justifying our conformity as “rehabilitation.” Realize that your weirdness and difference, your weaknesses and frailties, your mistakes and imperfections are your strength when they are understood sustainably.

I was like you. I felt insignificant and powerless. I longed for approval and paternal praise. I saw myself as flawed and needy, unsure and pitiful. Because of this, I was uncommonly interested in people and their behaviors. I wanted to know the key to being useful and celebrated in their eyes.

I determined to know people. I learned to reason with information in environment, to engage honestly, to seek equity. I took responsibility for what I had experienced and owned what I had become.

I became a flawless mirror through my curiosity discerning the motivations and intentions of those I reflected. I practiced this skill and began to use it intentionally to predict the future and influence choices. As my power grew, I maintained congruence between my behavior and my thoughts. Interest, desire for beauty, compliments, and intimacy were bounded by authenticity, a view of a sustainable future, justice, progress, and altruism.

Now, I stand fearless.

I am superhuman in my ability to read the subtle hints of body language and speech to determine the cognition and meaning of the mind. I am good at this. The giftedness comes not in spite of my pain and longing, but as a result of my perfect use of my pain and longing. The sustainable choice was the choice to construct MY reality based in what I can do, to determine MY rules of engagement, and to insist that I be judged by MY fruit.

I wish this sustainable choice for you. Your perfection, your power will be found in choosing to sustainably achieve what you desire. This choice is a decision to stand apart…to be superhuman…to be a hero.

-The Mentor