Recording Ideas: Journaling Habits

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Scribbles, notes, recordings should be compiled and maintained together in one place. You should decide upon a regular schedule for exploring, clarifying, and organizing your notes. The task of organizing your notes can seem daunting. To overcome this, choose a time to organize that is free from interruption, have plenty of space, and seek to build categories.

No one can steal the ideas that you have.

If an idea you considered has been implemented elsewhere, YOUR idea is something else. You must continue to integrate new knowledge, and develop on another level. There is something to be said about being nimble, but integration is the difference between a good idea that works and the great idea that holistically fills a need.

The basic journal entry is comprised of the date and the notes for that entry. The only rule I have is that a date must be entered for the day the entry is made. If the entry is more than one page, I write the date and “continued” on the subsequent page. I do this as a way to motivate myself. If I see that an idea is 2 months old, the time lapse may prompt me to reflect on it or move it forward in some way.

I do not constrain myself to completing pages, starting new ideas on new pages, staying within the lines, or writing words only. I doodle, cross-out, and start new pages whenever. The journal is mine. I make my own rules, and they are at my discretion.