Faith: The Final Frontier

Faith: The Final Frontier

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Faith is the self-fulfilling prophecy spoken by your actions. It is your confidence in what you cannot see, combined with the preparation and sustained action toward what you hope to achieve. It is also a balance between fool-hardy wishful thinking and reality you can touch and take to the bank. Yet, faith is not the abstract, metaphysical wish, it has tangible elements.It just takes creativity, vision, and perseverance to connect the dots represented by those elements.

Faith is as real as your will to live that reality.

homeworkPerhaps an example will help. You want to be a writer. You recognize that writing takes practice. You know that, each day, writers spend some time writing. You know that you need to improve your vocabulary. You know that you learn best by reading. Connect those dots to achieve your vision as a writer.Set aside time each day to write. It could be in a journal, a computer, a notepad—as long as you are able to get your thoughts on paper and able to go back to read what you have written. You could even speak your thoughts into a tape recorder and transcribe them later. Subscribe to a magazine about writing. Read the articles to learn what others have done. Discover new ways to plan your time and organize your plot lines. Invest in a vocabulary builder, a dictionary, and a thesaurus. Play games with your friends where you identify a word of the day or use a new, similar word to replace a common word you always use. Now, you are on your way to achieving the vision of being a writer. After all, you are doing the things that a writer does. Continue to produce. Self-fulfilling prophecy… Faith is as real as your will to live that reality.